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Driving food innovation

From concept to Commercialization


Food Research Lab is a pilot R&D Lab for food, with our diverse background and expertise, we blend culinary and scientific expertise to drive food forward. We evaluate new ingredients, formulations and processes on a small scale. We collaborate with restaurants and food companies, from small start-ups to global corporation, either as an advisor or an external research and development

Recipe & Menu Development

Menu & Recipe Development & Standardization from ideation and dish development for Restaurants and start-up’s

New Product Development

Whether you’re a large, mature food company or just starting up, we can partner with you to realize your ideas and bring your products to market.

New Process Development

Whether you’re looking for alternative for sugar, increase protein, or extend shelf life or improve production consistency, we’re here to help.


Food research Lab Food Products Group is a global leader in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry

Spice mixtures & Compounds

The trends on including healthy soups on a meal plan are increasing among adults.

Non-dairy beverages

Food Research Laboratory supports you in the successful development of non-dairy

Non-Dairy Paneer, Cheese & Butter

Non-dairy milk products, including plant-derived milk

Health Drink

More low-alcohol and zero-proof drinks are expected to launch in 2020


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